How do I change the billing contact in HubSpot?

The billing contact is the person that will receive all finance related communications from HubSpot.

To change the billing contact, you must be a Super Admin within the portal you are trying to change. Please note that only HubSpot users can be assigned as billing contacts. You can view how to add a user here.

The billing contact will receive HubSpot billing and renewal notifications, including invoices and receipts for Sales subscriptions.

To change the billing contact in HubSpot:

  1. Click on the drop down with your avatar and your company name in the top right of the HubSpot portal
  2. Click account & billing
  3. On the left hand side, click company info
  4. Select the appropriate HubSpot user against the billing contact.

You can also use this process to change the following contact points too:

Primary contact: the main person working with the account on a day to day basis. They will receive important account notifications.

Decision maker: approves HubSpot purchases, upgrades, and renewals. They will receive all important account notifications.

Onboarding contact: They will set up the HubSpot account through the on-boarding process with HubSpot - this could also be a Six & Flow contact.

Technical admin: They will manage all technical settings in this account, such as domain and integration changes.