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How do I create and use sequences?

In this section we will show you how to create sequences and also enroll contacts in them.

Crating a sequence

  1. To create a sequence go to the automation tabs and select sequences
  2. select create sequence
  3. choose a pre-made sequence or from scratch
  4. edit the fields with the email content and tasks that you want
  5. add in delays and ensure content reads well
  6. label your sequence and save

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Enrolling in a sequence - (Via dashboard)

  1. To enroll a contact in a sequence using the main dashboard navigate to the sequences dashboard
  2. Here you will be able to see those currently enrolled in the sequence and the key statistics around it
  3. Select enroll in the top right hand side and place the applicable contact in the sequence

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Enrolling in a sequence - (Via email)

  1. To en-roll a contact in a sequence using the email tool select a contact
  2. Navigate to the email option on the contact
  3. Select sequences and select the right sequence for the contact
  4. Amend the emails taking care on the notification points and error messages
  5. Send sequence