How do I create a target list and account map?

You need to have an in depth understanding of your accounts before you begin any outward activity.

We would advise that you take time to create an insight document for each of the accounts that you go after. (Think of it as your bible for your ABM activity). This can be used by sales and marketing to create personalised high value experiences for the company.

Here is a link to the Account planning template: ABM Account planning link (please copy a version and then share with your team)


This template can help you: 

  • Understand your customer’s business, goals, and motivations.
  • Deliver value through right-fit solutions to their toughest challenges.
  • Navigate internal politics and target key stakeholders to drive buy-in.
  • Identify and avoid risks, barriers, and limitations.
  • Align and execute a goal-based strategy for mutual success.


Once you have this data mapped you can use it to plug into the HubSpot system and also to inform your DMU mapping alongside all other efforts.

The account planner looks at the following sections:

  1. Business Overview - an overview for the account your team is focusing on.
  2. Key Business Initiatives - Your customer’s value expectations to highlight where you have opportunities to grow customer relationships
  3. Customer Relationship Landscape - this section will help you narrow down the best person to be speaking with. 
  4. Customer Products and Revenue - where do they make their money? What gaps do they have and how can you help
  5. Account Competitor Analysis - compile a list of your account’s competitors
  6. Buying Process and Selling Points - outline how and why the account chose (or will presumptively choose) you to partner with
  7. Relationship Goals and Strategy - what you want from the relationship and how to progress this
  8. Sales Opportunities, Targets, and Risks - list out the products/services that will help your account attain its goals
  9. Action Plan - Outline what steps outside of the main play that your company will take to secure this account’s business for the long term