Lesson 5 | Testing your workflow

This lesson talks through ho to test your workflow.

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Testing your workflow 

Once you have completed your workflow navigate to the right hand side of the screen and you will see the testing option. Select this and it will take you to the testing interface from here select who you would like to view the workflow as from the dropdown.

Choose a random contact but most likely yourself and then select that you would like to receive the emails from the workflow. Once set up press test and this will run through the workflow excluding the delays that you may have put in. This is how you will be able to see if a workflow is working as planned and identify issues in the set up. 

Next move to the history tab. In this you will be able to see who has been entered into the workflow and the actions that have occurred. In the left hand side you can filter by time period or specific actions and ensuring that each element is firing correctly. Once you are happy with your workflow click review to set this live