Lesson 4 | Settings

This section runs through configuring the settings.


Amending your settings

Next, move to the middle of the screen and select "Settings". On this tab, there are two options:

  • General
  • Unenrollment and Suppression

First, navigate to the General tab. Here you can select what days you want the workflow to run on and what time of the day too. You can also associate this to a campaign, which helps for tracking specific campaigns that you may be running. 

Once you are happy with this, go to the Unenrollment and Suppression tab. From here you have three options. The first is what you want the workflow to do when contacts enroll. You can choose how they will interact with other workflows by removing them from other workflows on enrolment to this workflow, removing them from specific workflows, or doing nothing. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Next, move to the Enrolment Conditions tab.

Here you can choose to remove a contact based on the conditions within the workflow. You can keep them in a workflow or remove them based on whether they meet certain criteria.

Finally, you have the Suppression Lists section, which allows you to choose lists that you do not want to enroll into this workflow.

Once you have set up your workflow, navigate to the right-hand side of the screen and you will see the testing option. Select this and then it will open the testing interface. From here, select who you would like to view the workflow as from the drop down. Choose a random contact, most likely yourself, and then select if you would like to receive the emails from the workflow. Once set up, press 'Test' and this will run through the workflow, excluding the delays you may have put in. This is how you will be able to see how the workflow is performing and amend as required.

Next, move to the History tab. In this tab, you will be able to see who has been entered into the workflow and the actions that have occurred. In the left-hand side, you can filter by time period, specific actions and events. This is useful for testing specific areas of your workflow and ensuring that each element is firing correctly.

Once you are happy with your workflow, click on the "Review" button to set this live.