Lesson 4 | Pop up forms

This lesson discusses the use of pop up forms.


Pop up forms

To get to the forms section, navigate to the marketing tab in the nav bar at the top and then select "Lead Capture" from the drop down.

Now select "Forms" from the interface. This will open your forms library.

Here, you will be able to see statistics for all your existing forms and create new forms too.

At the top left of the screen you will have the option to create a folder or a form.

A folder is a way to organise your forms. First, click "Create a Folder" and then name this.

Once you have your folder, then save this and press "Create Form". 

In the next window, you will have the option to select a pop up form or a regular form.

For this section, choose pop-up form.

You will have the option to choose from four types of pop up form on the interface on the left.

For the purpose of this exercise, choose "Pop up box".

Navigate to the top of the screen and label your form, then select "Next" from the top right.

This will open the call out screen, where on the left-hand side you will be able to add a featured image, which can be uploaded or selected from the CRM.

Next, you can add in a call out text, which acts as the title for the pop up.

Once you have agreed on this, you can insert the call out body text. 

Now, move down to the call out button text and add in a button call out that is suitable for the form.

Finally, move to the last section, where you can change the colour of the call out to suit your brand.

Hit "Next" in the top right corner and you will move to the form field. 

The first thing you need to do is to input some text into your form body. 

Next, you will be able to edit your form in the same way as explained beforehand. 

Once you are happy with the way your form looks, then move to the next section where you will be able to add in a thank you message and, if desired, redirect to another URL.

Once happy with your thank you page, click "Next" and you will be brought to the follow up page, which allows you to end follow up emails. We suggest you do this via workflow, not lead form, so we are going to pass this section.

Next, move to the options tab, where you will be able to edit the processes of your form.

First you will have the option to choose when and where your pop up appears. Pick the URL or parameter query that you want the pop up to appear on and then use the "if/and logic" function it begins with, or "contains logic" to specify this.

Now move to the next section, where you can choose to trigger the form on page scroll, exit intent or time lapse.

Once you have chosen these options, you can choose whether to show your form on small screens. If you choose to do this, make sure that the form reflects the value of the offer and the medium, and keep it succinct.

Next, choose the frequency of the form by selecting when it will be shown again after its initial view.

Next, choose who you want to send email notifications to when the form is filled in.

Finally, you can amend your opt-in emails and amend your email provider details, but this is something that you will not need to worry about.

You can preview your lead flow on various devices. Once you are happy, publish your form and it will go live!