Lesson 4 | Custom reports

Use this lesson to learn about the calculations tool.

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Custom calculations

The custom calculations tool is where you can begin to tailor the campaign to suit your needs. 

Go to the reports tab in the upper ribbon and navigate to the reports tool.

Select "create custom report".

From the next screen, you will be able to select single data sets, multiple data sets, Funnels or attribution metrics that give you the conversion paths of your contacts.

For the purpose of this exercise, select "single data set" from the left-hand filter.

This will then give you the option to pick a base data set from your CRM.

Select your data set - in this case, contacts, and then select Next from the right hand screen.

The next screen acts like a pivot chart in Excel. 

First, you will need to select your base data set and then your comparative data set for it to be measured by.

You can also add in additional data sets for comparison too. 

Next, navigate to the top of the left-hand column and choose the chart type the you want the chart to visualise as, i.e. pie chart, line chart etc.

Once you are happy with the custom dimension you have created, select "Save".

This will open up a window were you can name your custom report and choose to add to an existing dashboard by selecting "save and add".

There you have it - you have just created a custom report.