Lesson 3 | Sharing your reports

Lesson 3 is all about scheduling and sharing your reports.

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Scheduling reports

Scheduling reports is a great way to send your team or stakeholders reports without having to manually repeat the process each time.

To do this, go to your dashboard and then select the "Share" button.

You will have two options, "email now" and "create recurring". 

If you want to email immediately, then select "email now".

This will open up a window from the right-hand side, where you can choose the email you are sending this to, the subject line, message and the type of file you want to send the report as. You can also choose to send the report with filters such as "date".

Once you have selected the outline for your report, click "Send".

To set up a recurring email, the process is the same but you have additional frequency and scheduling options, which will decide the day and time that the report gets sent on.

You will also have the option to preview your report, which we would recommend you do to ensure it is visually displaying the information you want it to be.