Lesson 3 | Options and settings

This section covers configuring form options.

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Options and settings

Once you move to the options tab, you will have a series of changes for forms.

First, you will see the requirements for what should happen after a visitor submits a form.

You can choose to re-direct this to another page or to display an inline thank you message.

Next, you can choose your follow up options. From here, you can decide to send submission emails to the contact owner or a specific person within your company.

The next section focuses on the error messages that will appear, for example, if someone doesn’t fill in a required field and tries to submit. This section allows you to change the error message language.

Next, move down to the cookie tracking section and decide if this is appropriate for your form.

Cookie tracking must be turned on to track page views and referral sources and show pre-populated or queued form fields. If cookie tracking is turned off, each form submission from the same browser will create a new contact. You may want to turn cookie tracking off if people are going to fill out this form on the same device at an event, conference, or trade show.

Next, you can choose to repopulate values - this rehires cookie tracking but will give returning users a better experience, requiring fewer actions from them.

Finally, in this section you can choose to send the form as HTML. By selecting this, the form will render as a raw HTML element on your website as opposed to inside an iFrame. This is good for developers who want to style separately on another platform, such as WordPress.

Once you have changed your settings, select "next" and move to the Style and Preview section.

Here, you will be able to see how your form will appear in the preview column in the left-hand side, and make changes to this in the right-hand side.

First, you can look at your theme.

Your theme affects how your form looks when it's embedded on non-HubSpot pages or viewed on a standalone URL.

This styling won't be applied to your form if you add it to a HubSpot CMS page.

Next, look into your Style tab.

Here, you can change your colours for each element of the form.

To change your colours and fonts for all your forms, go to Form Settings.

Again, this styling won't be applied to your form if you add it to a HubSpot CMS page.

Finally, move to the Test section, where you will be able to test how the form will look from the point of view of a client.