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Lesson 3 | Lists

This lesson will help you understand lists.


Lists are a great way to organise your data for use in contextualised marketing and sales campaigns.

To create a list, first go to the "Contacts" tab in the navigation bar on the right-hand side and select "List" from the drop down menu.

This will bring you to your lists library. From here you can create or import a list of contacts.

To import a list, select "Import". This will open the import screen covered earlier in the module.

To create a list of existing contacts, select "Create List" from the top right-hand side.

The next screen that opens will have a filter interface on the left-hand side.

First, navigate to the top of this interface and name your list, ensuring that you use a standardised naming convention.

Next, select if you wish to use an active or a static list.

An active list will continually update based on the filter criteria you select. These are helpful for drip campaigns or marketing automations.

A static list will remain the same as when it was first created and not change unless added to or removed from by the user. These are useful for suppression lists or ensuring that a specific campaign is matched to a controlled set of contacts.

Next, move down the interface. The panel will now show you all the available properties to filter upon. 

Select a property you wish to filter upon and then change the options to suit your requirements.

For example: you may want to understand the leads created within a certain timeframe. To do this, you would select "Create Date" and then include some further criteria surrounding the particulars of the dates, such as “between” or “after “ a certain date.

Choose "Apply Filter" to show contacts that meet your criteria for the list.

Once you have applied your criteria, you can see your list will begin to populate.

Save this using the button prompt on the right-hand side and this list is now ready for use.