Lesson 3 | Chatting with enquiries

This lesson covers chatting with general enquiries.

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Chatting with general enquiries

Once you are all set up on the inbox, you will need to start speaking to your chat participants. To do this, navigate back to the inbox via the top navigation bar. 

Firstly, you will see an interface on the left where you can select the type of conversations you want to see and interact with. 

You can choose to see all conversations in a variety of options, such as those that have been assigned to you, unassigned, emails only, etc.

On the top right of the screen, you can choose several options: to email a transcript, delete the conversation, block the sender or mark as spam.

Once you are ready to speak to your contacts, go to the middle of the screen. Here you will see the stream of conversation in the middle of the screen. To reply or comment, you need to navigate to the bottom of the screen.

Here you will be able to add in a variety of attachments and type like you do with a normal email, adding in text, links and other items using the window.