Lesson 3 | Building a workflow

This lesson runs through how to create a workflow.

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Building a workflow

Once you have selected "Create Workflow", you will be brought to the builder, where you will see a screen for triggering your automation. This step is important as it will determine the foundation of your workflow.

Click the enrolment trigger button and an interface will open on the right. From here, you can select if you want this to trigger automatically based on criteria or if it will be manually triggered by another workflow or a user.

Select your enrolment criteria from this interface. In this example, we are going to base it on a lifecycle stage.

To do this, we will select "lifecycle stage". This will then take us to variable options around the criteria. There are several options which are unique to each property, so we won’t cover all of these in this lesson, but the best practice is to pick the criteria that is most logical to the action. 

For this workflow, we are going to select 'contact has clicked a link in an email'. Next we choose the email that we want to use. Once selected, we choose the secondary criteria, such as the particular link that has been clicked on within the email. Once the criteria has been selected, select the 'done' button from the interface. This is your first enrolment criteria, but you can choose to add in more or add in “and” logic to make your triggers more specific. 

Once you have selected your criteria, you can then move onto building you workflow. Select the orange circle to add in an action. On the right an interface will open that has the various options you can use to build your workflow. You can choose from:



If/then branch


Create task

Send internal SMS

Send notification

Send email

Send internal email

Add to a static list

Remove from a static list

Create deal

Rotate leads

Create ticket

Set contact property value

Copy contact property value

Clear contact property value

Increase contact property value

Manage subscription status

Set company property value

Copy company property value

Clear company property value

Increase company property value

Trigger webhook

Enroll contact in a workflow


Once you have picked the appropriate action, change the criteria on it dependant on what you want it to do. For this example, we are going to set a task for the sales team to follow up. To do this, we will select 'create task' from the building blocks. 

This will open up the Conditions section, which will allow us to edit the task to suit the needs of the workflow. We can set a title for the task, a due date, choose to set an email reminder, add notes and personalisation to the task, decide on whether the of task will be an email, a to do or a call, and then assign the task to a person or a HubSpot owner.

Once you have selected the criteria, click on the save button at the bottom and this will add the action to your workflow.

Once you have built out the actions in a suitable way, you will need to do some other tasks before setting your flow live. First, navigate to the top left and select “goals”. From here, you will be able to set goals for your workflow, which will enable you to track effectiveness. Simply select the action that will signify a goal on the workflow and click 'done'. Contacts in the workflow will be automatically unenrolled from this workflow when they meet your goal. You can view your goal conversion rate on the performance page. this comes in useful when setting up nurturing workflows as it limits the amount of emails a user may receive by taking them out of a flow at a specific point.