Lesson 2 | Using your inbox

This lesson is all about understanding and connecting your inbox.


Understanding and connecting your inbox

To get to the conversations tools, open HubSpot and navigate to the conversations tab in the top navigation. The first port of call will be the Inbox tool. Select Inbox from the nav bar and it will open up your inbox. From here, you will be able to see all messages that are coming into your company and you will be able to interact and respond to them. 

The first thing that you will have to do is connect your inboxes to the conversations tool. If you are doing this for the first time then you will be prompted to connect a team email or a chat flow to the system upon entering.

Once you have set this up, navigate to the bottom left and select Inbox Settings. 

Here you will see settings for Team Members, Slack, Email and Chat. 

Selecting any one of these will bring you to the Inbox settings menu. 

First, start with the Team Members tool, where you can select which team members will see your messages in their inbox. Select the users and teams from the drop down.

Next, If you are using Slack, you can integrate this by selecting the connect account button and following the steps in the wizard.

Next, you can select email and follow the steps covered if you want to add in an additional email.

Finally you have the Chat option, where you can implement a live chat function for your website. To do this, firstly select the accent colour of your live chat, then move down to the placement option to select which side it will appear on.

Next, you can toggle HubSpot branding on or off.

Go to the next tab, where you will set the availability of your live chat by selecting from the options. 

You can set this by particular time, team member status and choose to have it continually showing. You can also choose to show typical reply time messages and what actions to take if all team members are busy, which is normally to send a business hours response. 

Next, navigate to the options tab, where you can choose to send transcripts post-conversation by attaching an email to send from.

Finally, for those not using the HubSpot CMS or pages, you can use the tracking code tab to get the code you need to install live chat on your site.

Once you have set this up, go to the top left and select the Back to Inboxes button. Selecting this will bring you back to the Inbox settings, where you can create new inboxes for different teams or positions.