Lesson 2 | Pillar pages

This section covers how to plan your pillar pages.


Planning a pillar page

For all content, we use pillar pages to link topics and ensure that topics link in a logical fashion. A pillar page has a structure like the following - Problem - Solution - Credentials - Offer.

We take this approach as it is the logical path of a consumer who is searching for a solution to their issue. A pillar page has the goal of giving an offering to prospective clients, so you need to ensure that there is a strong value proposition, such as a guide or high value piece of content, available at all points linked via CTAs.


The pillar page is closely aligned to the persona and will cover the challenges that the persona faces. The messaging needs to be comprehensive, focusing on the topic and relating this to the challenges of the persona.


The structure of the pillar page should be digestible, focusing on each challenge as a standalone section of the page.

Once we have the core structure in place, we begin to move the content into more of a thought leadership piece, bulking out the copy to ensure that it has enough detail to establish the business as experts in the field and allows us to have good keyword density. 


A pillar page also needs to be engaging, so you need to ensure there are a lot of images and diagrams relevant to the core topic. 

  • Make it engaging
  • make it digestible
  • make it convert