Lesson 2 | Navigating your landing pages

This section will help you understand how to navigate your landing pages.

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Lesson 2 - Navigation

To get to the landing pages, open up HubSpot and then on the top navigation go to marketing>website then landing pages. This will bring you to the landing page interface. From here, you will be able to see all the landing pages, organise them and analyse their performance.

You can filter the pages by their development stage, such as “draft", "scheduled", or "published". you can also filter by campaigns and search for specific pages in the top nav bar. You can also filter by domains attached to your portal.

If you want to create an A/B variant of the page, you can do this by hovering over an existing page and selecting create A/B Variant from the menu. From here, you can then create an A/B variant using the method below.