Lesson 2 | Creating a dashboard

This section runs through how to create your dashboards.


Creating your dashboards

Navigate to the top bar and select "Reports".

Scroll down the ribbon and select "Dashboards". Depending on your role, you will see either the marketing or the sales dashboard.

Now you will need to customise the dashboard depending on what information you need to see.

Before you begin this exercise, take 20 minutes to figure out what stats are important to your business and make a list of how you want to see them.

Now navigate to the right of the screen and click on the "Add report" button. This will take you to the report library.

In this screen, on the left, you will be able to select reports by category. 

Select a category where the chosen statistics would sit. For example, if you want to see stats about the landing page, navigate to the Marketing section. For deals closed, navigate to the Sales section etc.

Scroll through the reports that are available and then hover over the ones that you want to add to the dashboard.

Under the report section title you will see an “Add Report” Button. Click on this to add your report to your dashboard.

One you have assembled the required information sections, then navigate back to your dashboard.

Hover over the dashboards and then move them into the position and size that you want to display them as on the dashboard.

Once you are happy with the content and style, then save your report.

Well done, you have just created your first dashboard!