Lesson 1 | Setting your default dashboards

This lesson covers how to set up your default dashboards.

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The default dashboards

When you login to the HubSpot portal, you will see the marketing dashboard as your default. 

To change this, you will need to go to the Marketing dashboard label on the top left below the main navigation. 

From here, select the arrow to the right of the label. 

A drop down menu should appear. At the bottom of this menu there will be label for 'manage dashboards'. 

Select this link. 

You will see lists for the Standard dashboards and the Custom dashboards. 

Hover over the dashboard that you want to be your main dashboard and then click on the “more” button that will appear on the right-hand of the highlighted section.

From this drop down, select set default dashboard and then confirm in the window that opens.

That’s it, you have selected your default dashboard view. Well done!