How can I use HubSpot in my ABM strategy?

HubSpot have just released a new range of tools aimed at creating a cohesive marketing and sales infrastructure for your ABM activities.

To fully utilise this you will need to begin to map your data into HubSpot.

This can be done by mapping the target accounts buyer roles and any additional data into HubSpot. Below we describe how to do this:


Identify your target accounts.

  • Go to the Companies page from the main navigation. 
  • Click on the Contacts tab and select Companies from the dropdown menu.
  • Using the interface on the left filter your company records into views based on any information you have stored in your CRM.
  • From here select any data that will signify a potential target account and then save your view. For example a company’s industry, size, location, and number of sessions on my website. 
  • You can also use the Ideal Customer Profile Tier to rank companies which would be a good fit once you have set up the automation and mapped the criteria. 
  • Once you have selected all your companies the highlight them all using the select box and bulk update the standard property called Target Account.
  • Click the Update button, and now all of these companies are target accounts.